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Welcome to our Hub of Cultural Expertise and Applied Semiotics, where we delve deep into the Brazilian Market for global brands and agencies.


With a multi-talented team skilled at uncovering the nuances that shape consumer behaviors and market dynamics, we stand as a reliable partner in decoding the intricate layers of Brazilian culture.


Whether it's deciphering cultural codes, navigating local nuances, or understanding consumer psychology, count on us for impactful insights and guidance.

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Cultural Translation



A unique set of skills and perspectives about the Brazilian market, offering insights into the complexities of communication and meaning-making processes.

Cultural Analysis & Mapping

Systematic approach recognizing cultural differences, symbols, signs and rituals that carry meaning and significance within Brazilian culture, revealing opportunities for differentiation and/or disruption.

Qual Research

Listening &


Our interdisciplinary team of experts in Semiotics, Anthropology and Market Research delivers valuable, evidence-based recommendations tailored to client objectives.

Consumer Insights & Qual Research

By blending semiotic analysis with qualitative methods, we reveal underlying beliefs and values in broader socio-cultural contexts.

In field


In real-world settings, we decode consumer attitudes and preferences by analyzing cultural cues, considering their influences in decision-making processes.


Interdisciplinary teams merge expertise in semiotics and anthropology to creatively employ ethnographic approaches, observing consumer behaviors and revealing deeper cultural meanings.

In field contexts



Mariane Cara

Commercial Semiotician and Cultural Strategist, Mariane founded Comunicara a decade ago, but her journey in communication began in 1995. In addition to her expertise in applied semiotics, she has experience in strategic planning, trend research, audiovisual production and direction, as well as consulting in visual merchandising.


Holding a Ph.D. and Master's degree in Communication and Semiotics from PUC-SP, she also studied media sciences at HBK Braunschweig in Germany.

Mariane Cara
Tamara Campana

Tamara Campana

Coordinator of Strategic Management and Cultural Analysis, Tamara has been dedicated to trends research and consumer culture since 2020.

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